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ENGINEERED TO OUTPERFORM Just like you, the staff at AEM races. We buy and install parts too, and we don't like to compromise. So, if we identify a unique product idea that delivers a real solution or figure out a way to make something work better and cost less, we make it. AEM's passion for making products that are considered unattainable for most racers attainable for the racing masses is evident in everything we design and manufacture. Whether you race on four wheels or two, at the track or in the dirt, sand, salt, snow or water, helping you go faster, set records and win inspires AEM to create its products. CONSTANT INNOVATION: When you buy AEM electronics, you are getting the finest engineering, highest quality and best value the industry has to offer. The proof is in every product we make. We saw a need for making stand-alone programmable engine management both affordable and available to more racers 15 years ago, and introduced the first plug & play EMS that uses a factory wiring harness and sensors. But as vehicle technology has advanced so has the need for more powerful and capable engine management. Our solution? The Infinity ECU-it delivers all of the features of high-end Motorsports engine management systems on state-of-the-art hardware. It's powerful enough for professional race teams and affordable enough for privateer racers. AEM was the first company to incorporate a gauge interface with a wideband air/fuel controller, and we have innovated in this category again with the Wideband Failsafe Device-a combined Wideband controller unit and boost/vacuum gauge that can save your engine if it runs lean. In 2007, we introduced affordable water/methanol injection for forced induction vehicles. In the spirit of innovation, we have redesigned this system with improved components and it can now be used on forced induction racecars at all boost levels or high compression naturally aspirated vehicles. And there's more. From 320 lph fuel pumps and data loggers for roughly half the cost of the competition's offerings, to ignition solutions that can save you hundreds of dollars by eliminating additional hardware to deliver the spark energy you need, we have and will continue to develop and make reliable products that help you achieve your goals. VETTED BY THE MEDIA: Top racing and enthusiast magazines and websites constantly put our products to the test. The results of these independent reviews prove that their products are engineered to outperform the competition. You can see them for yourself in the Independent Reviews section, and Reviews tab in the product sections of our website. AEM'S VISION: AEM Performance Electronics wants to be the top competitor in performance electronics, and plans to do it through constant product innovation, the highest level of product integrity, being a price/value leader and most importantly, by putting our customers first. If you ever want to tell us how we are doing, give us a call or send us an email. We will listen. Your faith in our products and critical feedback will ensure our company achieves its Vision.

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AEM 30-3811 Infinity RZR 1000

Infinity Plug and Play Jumper Harness for PN 30-7112, Polaris 2014-2015 RZR 1000Infinity 508(PN: 30-..


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AEM 30-4350 Tru-Boost Gauge

Tru-Boost Gauge-Type Boost Controller GaugeTru-Boost Controller Gauge..


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AEM 30-4351 Tru-Boost Gauge

75 PSIa or 5 Bar Map Sensor Upgrade for Tru-Boost Controller GaugeTru-Boost Gauge. 75 PSIa or 5 Bar ..


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AEM 30-4400 Digital Gauge

Digital Volt Gauge, 8-18VDigital Volt Gauge. 8-18Vs..


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AEM 30-4401 Digital Gauge

Digital Oil or Fuel Pressure Gauge, 0-100psi, incl blk and wht faces, blk and silvr bezelsDigital Oi..


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AEM 30-4402 Digital Gauge

Digital Oil or Trans or Water Temp Gauge, 100-300F, incl blk and wht faces, blk and silvr bezelsDigi..


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AEM 30-4406 Digital Gauge

Digital Boost Gauge, -30 - 35psi, incl blk and wht faces, blk and silvr bezelsDigital Boost Gauge. ..


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AEM 30-4407 Digital Gauge

Digital Oil Pressure Gauge, 0-150psi, incl blk and wht faces, blk and silvr bezelsDigital Oil Pressu..


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AEM 30-4408 Digital Gauge

Digital Boost Gauge, -30 - 50psi, incl blk and wht faces, blk and silvr bezelsDigital Boost Gauge. -..


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AEM 30-4900 Wideband Failsafe

Wideband Failsafe Gauge, Monitor AFR and boost or vacuum, programmable engine protection, internal d..


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AEM 30-4910 Flex Fuel W/B Failsafe

Flex Fuel Wideband Failsafe Gauge, Monitor AFR, ethanol content and boost or vacuum, programmable en..


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AEM 30-4110NS Dig Wideband Gauge

Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge, does not include sensor, must use 4.9LSU sensor with gaugeDigital Wideb..


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AEM 30-4110 Dig Wideband Gauge

Digital Wideband UEGO Gauge with Bosch LSU 4.9 sensorDigital Wideband UEGO Gauge With Bosch LSU 4.9..


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AEM 30-4008-4PK 4 Channel Wideband

Four-Pack, Stainless Tall Manifold Oxygen Sensor BungsStainless Tall Manifold Bung - 4 Pack..


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AEM 30-3812 Infinity Ford Coyote

Infinity Plug and Play Jumper Harness for PNs 30-7101, 30-7100, 30-7111, 2011-14 Ford Coyote Engine..


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