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Lucas Octane Booster is a genuine performance enhancer! It has been tested and proven to deliver at least three times more Boost than most other brands. It is suitable for use in fuel injected, carbureted, throttle body and rotary engines. It?s safe for turbos, oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. Lucas Octane Booster contains specific upper cylinder lubricants that ensure easier piston travel and valve seat protection. It also ensures maximum life and performance from pumps, injectors and carburetors. Lucas Octane Booster eliminates spark knocks, pinging and dieseling. It promotes clean fuel burn for fewer emissions and more MPG. Use with each fill-up for maximum performance and fuel mileage. It treats up to 25 gallons of leaded or unleaded gasoline. Lucas Octane Booster is safe for use in any engine on the track or on the street. Remember: When comparing other brands of octane booster, 10 points equal only one octane number. Not recommended in 2-Stroke engines.
Country of Origin (Primary) US
GTIN 00049807100261
Hazardous Material Code N
Life Cycle Status Code Available to Order
SDR Required Flag Y

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Lucas Oil 10026 Octane Booster Octane Booster

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Fitment: Universal

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